My Business started about 3 years ago, I found it interesting while I was speaking to my sister on the phone. We were talking about what she was making at the time, she was making Jalapeno Pepper jam I asked her how she made it and told me how to make it.

I first started canning simple things, like Green Beans, making homemade Pasta Sauces, Pears and Peaches, then I started making Jalapeno Pepper Jam.
I make different flavors of jams, sometimes I even make up my own versions of jam, by adding different ingredients to them, and by surprise they all turn out great.

All my jams have not artificial coloring or flavoring no added preservatives of any kind.
My husband and myself go to different events throughout the year doing craft fairs and farmers markets selling our Jams.

I also make other Crafty Items such as Decorative bird houses, Baby Blankets, Candle Holders and more.